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Grand Champion Silkbear Vivace
Featured on Animal Planet's "Too Cute" as "Melody"
Breeder/Owner: Helen Erskine

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Champion Mayrling Drusilla of Silkbear (with kitten Silkbear Aurora)
Breeder: David Quincy
Owner: Helen Erskine

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Silkbear European Burmese kittens will be featured again on the Animal Planet show "Too Cute" on April 12th and 13th. See the following schedule link for the episode "Musical Kittens":

See this link for a clip from the show:

For those who do watch the Too Cute episode, Animal Planet took some liberties in creating their show.

No, a European Burmese is NOT a cross between a Siamese and a traditional Burmese (Animal Planet has them confused with a Tonkinese).
See this link:
www.burmesecatsociety.org.uk/BurmeseBreedingPolicyVersion2.pdf (this is the UK breed standard which differs from the US but the genetics are the same)
Siamese were used in the early breeding program of the Burmese cat but the Siamese genes were then bred out. All Burmese (American and European) are descended from Wong Mau, a hybrid imported in the 1930's, but the Burmese breeding program then selectively bred for the Burmese gene. Here's a quote from the above guide:

No, Burmese do NOT have loud voices. I'm guessing they said this (and possibly the Siamese misinformation above) to fit in with the musical theme. There is some obvious dubbing eg in "Melody's" use of the French horn in the above clip.

Yes, Animal Planet renamed the kittens. "Ludwig" is Pumba at home (pedigree name Silkbear Staccato). The young gentleman adopter actually adopted a different kitten, Silkbear Veloce and not at 11 weeks but at 13 weeks (the usual age when our kittens are adopted). "Melody" is Grand Champion Silkbear Vivace (she is now a Grand Champion and is hardly a runt!) She remains at our home and is shown being "adopted" by our daughter Cristina.

Oh and PopPop is NOT Dad (he has been neutered for 11 years). Dad is Grand Champion Jamis Gambit Purrfection, who lives in Kentucky.
I could go on but having said all the above, there is some very entertaining footage of the kittens, particularly at the 9 week point. Hope you enjoy it!

Grand Champion Silkbear Clara Schumann has recently achieved the title Distinguished Merit, one of only 13 European Burmese in the USA to have achieved this, since she has 5 Grand Champion or Grand Premier offspring in the US (she also has a son GIP & GIC Silkbear Monet, DSM in Denmark.)


About Helen

  • Member of CFA European Burmese Breed Council
  • Board Member of Worldwide European Burmese Society

Helen first fell in love with a little red European Burmese female in Wales twenty-five years ago. Her name was Merrymew Red Jemima and she and her three little boys from Grand Champion Silkpaws Cream Cougar ran the household delightfully.

Thus it was natural to import another of these wonderful cats to Helen's home in Los Angeles, California, Champion Mayrling Drusilla of Silkbear (pet name Lani), bred by David Quincy in Poole, Dorset. One of her sons, Champion and Grand Premier Silkbear Starfire (pet name PopPop) has stayed around to purr loudly, love everyone and baby-sit. Her great-granddaughter, Silkbear Isabella Beeton and great-great-granddaughter Champion Silkbear Vivace are now our breeding queens.

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